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Technical Focus

  • Data Analytics / Business Intelligence technologies and solutions
  • Data Collaboration and Sharing technologies and solutions
  • Physical Asset Management solutions
  • Field Operations, Maintenance and Work Management solutions

Our Core

Our core mission is to assist our partners to best leverage their information assets or to help guide them towards technical platforms that will allow them to operate better, faster at the least cost possible.

Cyndrus provides Information Technology and Business Process Improvement services to customers in the Oil and Gas (Up-, Mid- and Downstream), Petrochemicals; Public Utilities (Transmission, Distribution and Generation) industries and Federal, State and Local governmental agencies.

Team and Partnerships

  • We are a team of individuals with strong technical expertise coupled with in-depth business process knowledge
  • We forge complimentary Business Partnerships where the strength of each partner is enhanced and opportunities for improvements are seized
  • Our team and our partners come together to provide our customers with the best technical and business process solutions using an effective project management, technical and cost conscious approach